Care Label for your prints


As much as we take a lot of care and pride in delivering you our wearable / usable prints (WUP), your WUP needs a caring home to stay looking its best! For this reason, we recommend the following methods for washing and drying your shirts, hoodies, sweaters, aprons, totes and more. By following these steps, you'll enjoy your prints for long time.

With this said, our method of printing encourages a natural vintage "worn" look and feel after several washes. Unlike screen print, which can be thick and gummy to the touch, and create unwanted heat under the printed area on your skin, our prints are water-based ink — which creates a soft and breathable feel when worn and a smooth, soft touch.

A special technology bonds the ink to the fabric to produce stunning colors and images. We use a printing technology that is called a Direct-to-Garment (DTG) print, and this advanced technology is how we produce stunning detailed prints for you to enjoy. Over time, these water-based ink will fade slightly (this is normal), giving it a look and feel of some of your favorite old t-shirts (without the holes!). 

Enjoy your prints and keep them nice and clean using these simple steps:

  1. Machine wash and dry for best and long lasting results. Hand washing can be more delicate, but ringing the water out of the shirt by twisting damages the fabric and therefore the print. If you DO hand wash, be sure to drip dry on a hanger / clothes line or use a light tumble setting in your dryer.
  2. When washing, turn your garment inside out, where the printed area is inward. This reduces the hard chemicals and agitation that will damage your shirt's material and therefore compromise the image quality. Always wash your WUP inside out for the best results!
  3. Never use bleach. Normal liquid detergent is recommended.
  4. As mentioned earlier, use a machine dryer whenever possible. We recommend medium to low heat. Be sure to keep your WUP remaining inside out during the drying cycle.
  5. Avoid steaming or ironing directly on your printed areas. Direct heat from your iron will not only damage the ink, but the fabric of your shirt. To avoid this, throw your WUP into a light tumble or dewrinkle mode in your machine dryer. If you have to iron, turn your garment inside out, and avoid ironing behind the printed area to prevent damage. If you need to iron over the printed area, cover that area with another fabric, or place parchment paper over the printed area for protection.

And there you have it. Simple steps to take care of your investment!